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Weaving Wishlist || Serene Fiber Arts

Serene Fiber Arts Yarn | The Weaving Loom

When starting out, it’s sometimes hard to know where to find good resources for weaving supplies, so when I come across some good finds I will share what is on my wishlist.

I have been drooling over the handspun and hand-dyed artisan yarns over at Serene Fiber Arts for quite some time now and if I had unlimited funds, I’d probably buy everything in the shop. This shop is a small business owned by Amanda French, and as I mentioned before, I really love to support handmade/small business whenever possible.

Serene Fiber Arts Yarn | The Weaving Loom

I purchased this beautiful handspun yarn (pictured above) and I’m sooo happy I did. It is really gorgeously dyed and spun. What I love about it most is that the color is almost neon pastels (is that even possible?).

Serene Fiber Arts Yarn | The Weaving Loom

I’m really looking forward to weaving with this yarn and sharing with you the results. Since this yarn is so unique, it is definitely going to make my weavings more unique too, which is the fun part of buying yarn like this.

Seriously, go check out Serene Fiber Arts for some beautiful yarn that will help your weaves be even more beautiful and unique. If you already have your eye on something in the shop, be quick to purchase it, as many of the yarns are OOAK (One Of A Kind) and will be gone once sold out.  This yarn I purchased is called “Joy” and is already sold out!

Serene Fiber Arts Yarn | The Weaving Loom

Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t a ball of multi color yarn just the coolest thing to look at? If you also have items on your weaving wishlist let me know, I’d love to hear about them.

Happy Weaving!


This post was not sponsored, I’m just a super happy customer 🙂

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