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Weaving Wishlist || Weaver’s Gift Guide 2016

Weaver's Gift GuideAs I’m slowly ticking off gifts for my friends and family, I’ve been daydreaming about great gifts for weavers. Some of these items are tools that I have an love and some are on my own gift list.

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1|| A Yarn Ball Winder

THIS! If you’ve ever tried winding a hank of yarn into a ball, then you feel me. How many times have I tangled yarn, or even dropped the ball that I’m trying to wind by hand (ugh!). So this nice machine will spin up your yarn into a nice cake ball of yarn. And if you want to go really fancy you can get a yarn swift to go with it. The yarn swift ensure you don’t get tangles as your yarn winder balls up your yarn. It’s also possible to use the back of a chair to “hold” your yarn while you use your yarn winder, or even your own arms.

2|| Lavender Hydrosol

Want your yarns to have a nice smell, yes please! This is a distilled essential oil that you can mist over your yarns and weaves (even clothes if you want). And they come in more then just lavender essential oils, there’s rose and peppermint to name a few.

3|| The LOOME Tool

As you may know, I recently was given one of these and I really love it. There are a lot of fun fiber things you can make with this tool, it’s so versatile. It would make a great gift for someone that loves fiber and loves to create (aka a weaver).

4|| Bent Tapestry Needle

I’ve mentioned this tapestry needle many times, and I’ll keep talking about them. I can’t weave without mine, so I highly recommend them for someone starting out weaving or someone who’s looking for a better needle to weave with. The bent needle is extremely helpful when you’re weaving in small areas, like making shapes or lots of details. The bend in the needle lets you easily pick up a warp thread to get your weft under it. And it’s metal, so it’s much harder to break (I’ve broken a plastic tapestry needle in the middle of a weave, that wasn’t very fun).

5|| Straight Tapestry Needle

I also need my straight tapestry needle when weaving. This needle is long and straight, so it works best with weaving large areas. It really helps me cover large areas quickly, thanks to it being straight. And the fact that it’s metal means it’s strong.

6|| Tapestry Beater

A tapestry beater is a really beautiful weaving accessory. A tapestry beater helps you quickly pack your weft threads together. The tapestry beater helps keep your weave consistent and tight. There are also some alternatives to using a tapestry beater, that I talk more about here.

7|| Bonus – Hand-spun/Hand-dyed yarns

What weaver wouldn’t want to use hand-spun/hand-dyed yarns? Here are a few of my favorite shops to buy from:

  • Alex Made – She has the COOLEST crazy yarns. Her yarn is a work of art on it’s own.
  • Wallflower Weavings – If you love gorgeous pastels, look no further for your yarn!
  • Amanda J French – This might be my favorite yarn store, there are so many variations of textures and colors that you’re bound to find a yarn you love.
  • Lisa Pate Collections – This shop has gorgeous weaver kits that are perfectly coordinated, but they sell out quickly

What are some items you’re hoping for or already have an love?

Happy Weaving!


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