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Warp Thread Flight PacksI received a really good question the other day, so I wanted to take this opportunity to better explain. You know as they say, when one person asks a question it’s likely that many more people have that same question. So as you probably know, I just opened a shop on this website where I’m over the moon to be able to offer colored warp threads and 5” long metal weaving needles. I’m so grateful to all of you who have been enjoying this blog and have encouraged me through emails and other messages to start selling supplies and other weaving things. There are a lot of fun things to come this year that I’m really excited about!

One of the products I’m most excited to offer is a Warp Flight© Packs. These are the pack of four different colored warp threads. The question I received was asking about these packs and what exactly they are.

My thought for these packs is that sometimes you want to make a few weaves with different colored warp thread, but you don’t want to commit to the large amount of thread (like 800 yards). In these packs you get about 100 yards of each of the four colors.

I did a little estimating on what that really means to help give a better idea of what you get with this pack. Let’s say you have a loom that has a warping area 8 inches across the top and 12 inches down. I have a loom that is similar to this size. When I warped it up there were 33 warp threads going across the loom to make up the 8 x 12 inch weaving area. Since each warp thread is 12 inches long (with a little extra for looping around the loom tabs), that means I warped about 11 yards of thread. (For those who like math, here are my calculations: 12 inches = 1 foot & 3ft = 1 yard; so 33 feet of warp thread = 11 yards). So on this 8 x 12 inch weaving area, I can warp this loom with each color about 9 times with some leftover thread.

Warp Thread Flight PacksWhich means, I could make 9 weaves with the coral warp thread, then make 9 weaves with the clementine orange warp thread, etc. You get the idea. It’s a nice pack that gives some ability to play around and experiment with your weavings, especially if you’ve never used colored warp threads before and you’re not sure how they will look in your weaves.  I like to daydream about each warp color and think, what could I do with the blue?  Maybe some deep purples and blues for the weft with pops of white.  Or that orange would make a really adorable weave with light pinks and peach colored yarns for the weft, like a summery sherbet weave.  It’s really up to you and what you can think up!  You can find the Warp Flight© Packs here.

Again, thank you for reading along! I love sharing my weaving knowledge to help others get into weaving, because it would be a shame to not share this really lovely and historical art form.

Happy Weaving!


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