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Weaving Wishlist || Patons Wool Roving

Patons Yarn | The Weaving LoomI like to buy local and handmade whenever possible, but I came across this cool yarn a while back in my local craft store and wanted to share with you all. It’s called Patons Classic Wool Roving (affiliate link).  This yarn is 100% wool and comes in a few different colors.

Patons Yarn | The Weaving Loom

So normally wool roving is really thick, but this has been pulled with a very, very slight twist so it’s still roving but it’s kind of thin, at least as far as roving goes. What I like about this yarn is it has a crazy amount of texture. I actually used it in my weft facing weave example because it is thicker then a worsted weight yarn.

Patons Yarn | The Weaving Loom

If you wanted, you could combine a few strands of this wool roving to create a thicker roving look. I’ve used this by itself and also paired it with a cotton yarn, which created a really interesting texture.

Do you prefer to buy handmade weaving supplies, or do you find yourself at stores like Joann more often? I would love to hear about any wishlist worthy items you have come across.

Here are some more of my weaving wishlist items:

Happy Weaving!


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