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Weaving Wishlist || Have Company Tapestry Needles

Have Company | The Weaving Loom

When starting out, it’s sometimes hard to know where to find good resources for weaving supplies, so when I come across some good finds I will share what is on my wishlist.

Last week I was talking about how I can’t weave without a tapestry needle. And since I use them all the time in my weaving I decided to treat myself to some of the beautiful tapestry needles from Have Company.

If you haven’t heard of Have Company before, you need to check it out! It is a small business that has a whole lot of handmade goodness like art, home goods, much more then just weaving tools.  It also has a podcast and artist residency.

Have Company | The Weaving Loom

Ever since seeing it, I just had to get the wooden tapestry needle, and let me tell you, it is even more lovely in person. Plus the size of it is excellent, especially if you’re creating a large weave.

Have Company | The Weaving Loom

I also had to get myself the bent tip tapestry needles. These are a pack of three different sized metal tapestry needles. As I talked about in my tapestry needle post, I find the bent tip to be extremely helpful when grabbing my warp threads.

Have Company | The Weaving LoomIs there a weaving item you’re going to treat yourself to? Like a new loom, or some hand-spun yarn? Maybe a wooden tapestry needle? I would love to hear about any wishlist worthy items you have come across.

To read about what else is on my weaving wishlist, click here.

Happy Weaving!


This post was not sponsored, I’m just a super happy customer 🙂

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  • Reply
    September 8, 2015 at 8:11 pm

    I also finally bought bent weaving needle as well just haven’t gotten around to using it yet.. I like the wooden tapestry needle so that will be on top of wish list along with a tapestry beater..

    • Reply
      September 8, 2015 at 8:56 pm

      Oh man Stacy, you have to let me know if you like the bent needle once you use it. I obviously am obsessed with them. I just feel like they allow me to weave quicker, but the wooden needles are so pretty. Have a good one!

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