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Weaving Tips || How to tie a slip knot (video)

How to tie a slip knot (video)| The Weaving LoomI always start and end my warps on the loom with a slip knot, because I feel like it’s easier than tying a double knot once you get the hang of it and it ensures your knot is tight.  Maybe it’s just me, but when I tie a double knot, my first knot loosens as I tie the second and it drives me bananas.  So if you’re like me this post is for those that would like to try a slip knot, but haven’t yet mastered it. And I made a video to go along with the post.How to tie a slip knot (video)| The Weaving LoomSteps for tying a slip knot:

step 1| bring your warp thread around your loom notch or around your frame, if that is what you’re using, and tie your warp in a single knot

step 2| bring the thread tail over and then through the loop you just formed, so that you have formed a second knot

step 3| your slip knot is now formed, so start pulling on your thread tail and watch the knot slide down the thread and tighten. You may need to guide the knot down the thread in some situations, like when you’re making a slip knot at the end of warping your loom. I usually slowly guide my slip knot, to make sure I’m keeping proper tension on my warp threads.

What knot do you start your warping with?  Do you use a double knot or the slip knot?  Also if you are having issues, leave me a comment or send me an email.  There is a lot I still have to learn, but I would love to help if I can.

Find my instructions on how to warp a lap loom for weaving here.

Happy Weaving!


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