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Weaving Techniques || Un-twisting a Long Fringe

How to Un-Twist a Long FringeAs you may have noticed, I’m really into twisted cotton string lately. For me, I really love the texture of the string and I especially love to use it as a fringe for my weaves. I’ve found that if I un-twist some of the threads it adds a lot of texture.

For those of you who like cotton string too, you’ve probably found that un-twisting it is hard. Especially if it’s a long thread. I’m going to share my best techniques on how to un-twist your cotton string as a long fringe. Unfortunately the un-twisting takes a bit of time, but I’ve found some ways to kind of speed it up.

How to Un-Twist a Long Fringe1|| I always start from the bottom of my thread and un-twist as much that will come apart. Usually after a few inches the string will get caught on itself and the un-twisting becomes harder.

2|| If I get two groupings of strands, I’ll hold the one grouping straight with one hand and with the other hand I’ll start un-twisting the other grouping around the first grouping.

3|| If I don’t have a good grouping of strands, I’ll pull the strands apart in the middle, then put my finger through the hole I made and slowly bring it down the strand as my other hand un-twists the string.

How to Un-Twist a Long FringeI found out the hard way that the key to un-twisting the strands is to work the twist out, instead of just trying to pull the strings apart which may cause them to knot up. I had a few times when I tried pulling on the strings to get them apart “quicker” and that only made them harder to get apart.

How to Un-Twist a Long FringeI also found that some times I’ll get a good two groupings with will come apart easily, but then other times the groupings will come apart just a little then they get caught up on each other.

It was too hard for me to capture all this on my camera so I’ve made a video of myself un-twisting a thread to better show what I’m talking about.

Have you used cotton string in your weaves? Have you tried un-twisting it and did you have any issues? I’m going to keep trying to find quicker ways to un-twist, because it can take a while.

Happy Weaving!


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