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Weaving Techniques || More Soumak Fun

Soumak Chain Weave | The Weaving LoomToday I’m going to show you how to use the soumak weave to create a chain look on your weave.  You can find my first post on the soumak weave here. The basic pattern for the soumak is over two warps, loop around, over two warps, loop around, etc. In my first soumak post, I created a braid in my weave, but this time I made a chain.

Soumak Chain Weave | The Weaving LoomI wove both soumak “stitches” the same way, so how did I get a different look between the two? Well in my first post I was using multiple threads, so when I wove my soumak, the bulk of the threads caused a tight braid. This time I just used one thread, which allowed the thread to space more, allowing gaps to show through the soumak “stitches”. If I didn’t want gaps showing then I would have passed over just one warp and looped around, instead of passing over two warps. Passing over just one warp would have tightened up my soumak and covered the gaps, but for this I wanted the gaps so that my soumak could look more like a chain than a braid.  What I like most about making this chain is that there is some space that shows through your weave, adding interest.

Soumak Chain Weave | The Weaving Loom

It always amazes me the small changes you can make while weaving to get a much different look.  What are you working on now? I would love to hear about it, and if you’re on Instagram then tag weaves you created using tutorials from my site (even if it was just a part of the weave) with #TWLtutorial so I can see them and possibly share!

Happy Weaving!


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