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Weaving Techniques || Hem Stitch on Circular Weave (Part 2)

Hem Stitch in a Circle Weave Part 2I’ve been trying more things with the hem stitch on the circular weave, and even though I don’t have more to add about the process (which I posted on here), I did want to share more pictures of the outcome.

In the first post about the process, I had hem stitched three warp groupings of two, which caused the warp threads to pull in. I then did a few rows of the plain stitch which showed how the warps were effected really nicely. There are six warp threads grouped and then there are gaps between the groupings.

Hem Stitch in a Circle Weave Part 2I next decided to try hem stitching the two ends of original groupings together to kind of pull the warp threads back to an even spacing. Continued with a regular stitch (that I added some black thread to) and then re-grouped the original six warp threads together again. I finished with some plain weaving.

Hem Stitch in a Circle Weave Part 2As you can see the hem stitches I put in made some interesting patterns that had some gaps and changed how the warp threads laid. It almost gives it a lace like quality.

Hem Stitch in a Circle Weave Part 2I really like this idea of playing around with the shape of the warp strings within the weave itself and how that can add interest and change how your stitches look.

What are some new (or new to you) techniques that you’ve been trying lately? If you need some ideas, I have a lot of weaving techniques for you to try here.

Happy Weaving!


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