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Weaving Techniques || Hem Stitch on a Circular Weave

Hem Stitch in a Circle WeaveEarlier this week, I was reflecting a little on how weaving a technique on a regular straight warp can change a lot when woven on a circular warp. In today’s post, I tried using the hem stitch on a circular weave and I really like the design it made. I plan to keep experimenting with this little weave and see what else I could make with the hem stitch. If you want to also try this, here are the steps I followed:

Hem Stitch in a Circle Weavestep 1| weave a few rows of the plain weave around the center of your loom.

step 2| once you have the number of rows you like, take your yarn thread and cross over the front of a grouping of warp threads. I brought my thread over the front of 6 warp strings.

step 3| from around the front of the warp threads, pull the yarn around the back and across the front again. Pulling the string tight so it makes a grouping of the warp threads.

Hem Stitch in a Circle Weavestep 4| while holding the thread tight with one hand, use your tapestry needle to pull the thread through the back of the weave under the plain stitch row.

step 5| pull tight to secure the thread

Hem Stitch in a Circle Weavestep 6| now continue with the next grouping of warp threads, looping the yarn around and securing through the plain weave row. Repeating until you have grouped all warp threads.

The final weave looks like a flower and you can see how the warp threads group together. As I said I’m going to keep playing around with this and see what else can be done. I’ll have to share my progress in a later post…I’m thinking this might need some color.

If you’re wondering how to try your own circular weaving, I have a lot of posts on that here.

Happy Weaving!


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  • Kath Walls
    August 20, 2016 at 4:01 am

    Re your comments (on another post) about the bunching of the warp when warping up an embroidery hoop: would it be possible to find a small circle (jewelery finding maybe?) and put that in the centre so the warp goes from hoop to centre circle and back again. This would be fiddly I guess and would leave a small hole in the centre but not a lump.

    • Kate
      August 23, 2016 at 1:59 pm

      Yes, you could absolutely warp to a small hoop in the center and avoid having a lump. I’ve seen some people make circular weaves with the circle “hole” as part of their design.