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Weaving Techniques even a beginner can do

How to Weave Vertical Stripes #tutorialIf you’ve just started out weaving using the plain weave (or tabby weave that is the over/under), then you have learned a lot about weaving already!

I’ve gathered some other weaving techniques that are built off the plain weave and an easy transition for those who just started their weaving journey.

How to Weave Angles & Waves || The Weaving LoomIf you’ve only woven straight rows of the plain weave, there is a really easy way to change your straight rows into angled rows and wavy rows. This technique is a great way to transition into weaving shapes. The process is really simple, you just weave a few rows of plain weave and then push the woven rows into the angle or wave shapes that you want. After you’ve made a base of the the shapes you can then continue the shapes, fill in gaps or make new shapes. I have a post with the angle and waves details here.

How to Weave a Side Fringe | The Weaving LoomBy knowing how to plain weave, you can also easily make a weave that has side fringe. I made a weave with both sides having fringe, which gave it an interestingly shaggy look. For this technique you measure out how long you want your fringe on both side, and then cut pieces of thread so that they are long enough to cover both side fringes and go across your weave one time. Then you weave in these pieces using the plain weave. You’ll also weave in some regular rows that don’t have fringe to lock in your warp threads, all the details are here.

A simple tutorial on how to weave Vertical Strips | The Weaving LoomOf course I have to also mention my favorite, weaving stripes! This is a technique that seems like it would be hard to do, but it really isn’t. As you have already guess, you just need to weave rows of the plain weave. The difference is that this time you’ll weave one row with one color and the next row with the second color, then keep alternating them. I have the details on how to weave these rows and rotate the colors on the edges of your weaves here. Stripes look really cool and interesting in weaves and the fact that they are so easy to make is even better!

Tutorial on how the Three Colored Weave | The Weaving LoomAnd since we’re talking about stripes, I should also mention this 3 colored plain weave tutorial I made. It’s the same as weaving stripes, except we use a normal thread for our warp and space out the weft rows. This makes three different thread colors show in the weave and it looks really great!

Oval Draft Pattern | The Weaving LoomLastly I recommend trying this oval draft pattern. I know it looks complicated, but it’s really as easy as weaving stripes. These rows are all made using the plain weave. The sides of the ovals are all woven stripes using two different colors. The top and the bottom of the oval are just two rows woven of one color. Isn’t that neat? It is far easier then it looks, but you’ll be able to impress a lot of people.

Is there anything else you have found you can easily weave up using the plain weave? I would love to hear about something I may have overlooked.

Happy Weaving!


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  • Kicca
    October 11, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Your web site is simply great! I had spent lost of time trying to find clear explanations about weaving techniques without results, and I have found all the answers that I need here in your web site. Really really thank you.

    • Kate
      October 13, 2017 at 4:42 pm

      Awesome! I love to hear that the site is helping others get into weaving!