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Weaving Techniques || Bushy Tassels

How to make some cute bushy tasselsI know, bushy tassels isn’t the best word, but how else would you describe these fluffy guys? Fluffy Guy Tassels? Haha, nope not better. If you brainstorm a better name let me know.

I love how these tassels turned out, they are really kind of wild. I attached mine on both ends of a braided string, but you can attach yours at the bottom of a weave or where ever inspires you.

How to make some cute bushy tasselsstep 1| I cut myself a piece of cardboard that is twice as long as I wanted my tassels (6 inches long). I did this so that I could wrap my thread for both tassels at once.

step 2| wrap your string around the piece of cardboard. The more times you wrap it, the thicker your tassels will be. I wrapped two different threads, one is a fingering weight, so I wrapped it 50 times around. The other was a rope string that’s a little bit bigger then a worsted weight, which I wrapped 20 times around the cardboard. I also wrapped these two thread separately, because that was easier for me.

step 3| cut the string at the bottom side of the cardboard and then cut the string at the top side of the cardboard.

How to make some cute bushy tasselsstep 4| lay the strings out in two piles. Take one pile and place the string you’re going to hang the tassel from (I’m hanging mine from a braided string). Place the hanging string a bit lower then the middle of the pile.

How to make some cute bushy tasselsstep 5| taking a string that will tie tight, place that under the pile of tassel strings (again lower then the middle). Tie that string in a single knot, the tassel strings should pull in and around your hanging string. Wrap the tie string around the tassel pile, pull tight and then double knot it.

step 6| Cut the tie string ends and then fold the top of the tassels down. Repeat for your second tassel and then you’re done!

How to make some cute bushy tasselsI’ll definitely be adding these to my weaves, but I like that I have two tassels on the end of a long string. It makes a cute fiber hanging that can hang from a door knob, wear as a necklace, or use as a garland.

My next step is to separate those cotton strings in my tassels so that the tassels are even bushier.

What do you think of these types of tassels? Do you add fiber accessories to your weaves a lot, occasionally, or never?

I have a lot of pom pom tutorials here, ’cause they’re fun too!

Happy Weaving!


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