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Weaving Techniques || 6 ways to hang a weave

6 Ways to Hang a WeaveThere are a lot of different ways to hang your weaves. You might choose one way because it’s easier, or another because it matches the design of your weave better. I’ve pulled together the 6 ways that I’ve tried hanging my weaves, so that you can maybe find something new & helpful to try!

Weaves with warp loops

When I say warp loops, I’m referring to the looms that have pegs or tabs that you pull warp threads around. With these types of looms you can cut the bottom warp threads of a finished weave, and then gently remove the top warp loops to hang your weave from. In my experience this is a really easy and quick way to hang a weave, but I’ve also noticed that the tops of my weave sometimes look sloppy and the first weft row will creep up. If you’re having that problem also, I have three options to try:

6 Ways to Hang a Weave1|| Hem Stitch – To use this technique, the weave needs to still be warped to the loom. You can either start your weave with a hem stitch or you can add it to the top of the weave later, as long as the weave is still on the loom. When you use the hem stitch at the top of your weave, you can simply remove your weave from the loom and hang it from the warp loops without worrying about the weft rows creeping up. Click here to see more on the hem stitch.

6 Ways to Hang a Weave2|| Twist Loops – This is the easiest way to keep the weft threads from creeping up the warps. Once you weave is finished, just take it off the loom and twist your warp loops once or twice then place the hanging rod through the loops. Make sure to twist all the loops in the same direction for the weave to look nicer when hung. The twist holds the weft thread in place and helps hang your weave tighter against the hanging rod. Click here to see more details on twisting loops.

6 Ways to Hang a Weave3|| Tie Loops – If your warp loops are long, then tying them at the base is a nice way to secure your top weft row and still keep your warp loops to hang your weave from. I found that using a crochet hook to help me tie my warp loops was really helpful. Click here to see more details on tying warp loops.

Weaves cut off a loom

I used these techniques for the weaves I make on my frame loom. My frame loom makes it so that I have to cut the warp threads in order to get the weave off the loom. But you can also use these techniques for weaves that have warp loops.

6 Ways to Hang a Weave4|| Sew hang a weave – This technique allows you to hang your weave from pretty much anything that will support it’s weight. First double knot your warp threads, two at a time. Then tuck them in the back of your weave. Next you take a thread, attach it to your weave and then loop from the weave around the rod or whatever you chose to hang your weave from. Not only does this technique allow you to hang your weave from almost anything, it also allows you to hang your weave in different ways. For example you can do a tight looping from the weave to the rod, or you could just hang from the ends of the weave. You’re not bound by the spacing of the warp threads. Click here for more details on this technique.

6 Ways to Hang a Weave5|| Tie off hang a weave – After cutting your weave off the loom, single knot two warp threads together all the way across the weave. Next take the thread ends, pull them over the rod you’re going to hang your weave from. Then tuck them in the back of the weave and tie the ends so that they are secured to the weave. This creates a really nice and uniform look to how the weave is hung. For more details on the process, click here.

6 Ways to Hang a Weave6|| Hanging a Circular weave – As you may know, I love making circular weaves. If you are taking your circular weave off the loom to hang it, it can be a little tricky to make sure it’s hung with even spacing. I shared a really flexible way to hang your circular weave which allows you to pull the sides tighter to make them looser as you go. Click here to see the details.

Do you use one of these techniques regularly to hang your weaves or do you have a different way that you hang yours? I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Weaving!


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  • Carole Mordue
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      Thank so much for your kind words, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog!