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A look at the different woven textures. Great for weaving inspiration!I’ve been looking back at the weaves I make and noticed that I have a tendency to make weaves that have dimensional textures. And by that I mean I’ve only really made a few that were flat by design. I think this is because weaving is such a tactile medium and I love the ability to add volume.

At the same time, a weave that is flat can have a lot of texture to it too, which might not be something people often think about.

Whenever I’m feeling un-inspired I like to think through the different textures that can be woven. This helps me come up with some new things to try out. Mixing the flat textures with the dimensional textures is hands down my favorite thing to do.

Flat Textures – These are the textures in a weave that sit close to the warp threads.

  • Plain weave – this is the fundamental technique behind weaving. Making different shapes with the plain weave or pairing it with another flat texture can create an interesting design.
  • Twill weave – this creates a really interesting pattern, especially when paired with different textures.
  • Herringbone weave – this weave creates a lot of movement and draws the eye.
  • Woven Stripes – This is another simple weave, but creates a lot of visual impact.
  • Double Diamond Weave – This is a really fun flat texture that really draws the eye in. It is a more complicated pattern, but if you count your number of warp threads and draw up your pattern, it is very doable.

Dimensional Textures – These are the textures in a weave that come out from the warp threads.

  • Loop (Pile) Weave – As simple as the plain weave, but with added dimension.
  • Rya Loops – Another way to create loops in your weave. It’s fun as a fringe or in the body of your weave.
  • Soumak Weave – This is the pretty braided look in a weave. Depending on what thread weight you use, this could have a lot of volume or a subtle amount.
  • Rya Knots – You can make a very voluminous shag weave, or add fringe with these.

Extra Ways to Add Volume

  • Pom Poms – I’ve added pom poms to my weaves quite a few times. Simply make the pom poms and secure them to your weave to add dimension.
  • Wool Roving – almost anyway you weave roving, volume will be added to your weave. Which makes this a really fun fiber to add to weaves.

Next time you might be feeling un-inspired, try mixing some of these textures that you haven’t mixed before. It’s a lot of fun to experiment and you learn a lot through the process.

What textures do you like to weave with? Do you mix between the flat and dimensional? Is there a texture that you use a lot that I forgot to mention?

Happy Weaving!


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  • Barbara
    November 10, 2016 at 6:54 pm

    This is a great summary of techniques. Nice that it is all in one place. Thanks for the drawings and pictures of the steps.

    • Kate
      November 12, 2016 at 3:46 pm

      Thanks! I love to hear that this helps 🙂