Weave Experiments

Weaving Experiments || Finding Uses for Your Yarn Scraps

Make cute things with your yarn scraps! If you’re like me, you have a large collection of yarn scraps that are just long enough to not want to throw them away. So what do you do with your yarn scraps?

I’m always trying to think up a new way to use them and two ways that have been really helpful are making a pom pom from the scraps and also making a shag weave. I find both of these to be really fun. The way I approached both was to take a bunch of scrap yarns that I had kept in a bag and put all those colors together. Both times it worked out really well and I used some colors together that I normally would not have.

Make cute things with your yarn scraps!Yarn Scrap Pom Pom

For this, I made my own holder using cardboard. It was really simple to make and it lets you use all your cut pieces as is, instead of the typical pom pom maker that you usually wrap long thread around multiple times. The other benefit to this holder is I could control where each color went. The full scrap yarn pom pom tutorial is here.

Make cute things with your yarn scraps!Yarn Scrap Shag Weave

For this weave, I sorted the scraps I was going to use by length. And the best part was I could even use the really short scraps (I think some were less then 2 inches!) Weaving a shag was really flexible with my scraps, I could really use whatever and just throw it in there. I really liked how open this was and there was no pressure to have the colors look “perfect”. The full scrap yarn shag weave tutorial is here.  Oh and you can follow this tutorial to make a shag weave, even if you don’t want to use yarn scraps.

Make cute things with your yarn scraps!Do you keep your scraps? And how do you store them, in a bag like me or maybe you put them in a glass jar where they can be seen? I hope you’re having a great day!

Oh, and I have one more yarn scrap idea for you…making yarn from your scraps!  Click here to read more.Make Yarn from Your Scraps!


Happy Weaving!


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  • Laura Patmore
    November 6, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    I’ve started spinning scraps into one of a kind art yarns :)) Kate we should hook up for a collab!!