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Weaving Experiment || Loops for Days

Experimenting with Weaving Loops |The Weaving LoomI was recently asked what my weaving style was, which at least for me is hard to say, but it definitely includes loops. Ever since I wove some loops into a weave, I’ve been obsessed. For me, it’s a very versatile texture so I’ve been experimenting with it many times. My first experience with making loops was in my loopy mass weave, which I wrote about here. From there I tried some other things with loops and these two weaves were some of the outcome. Experimenting with Weaving Loops |The Weaving LoomThey strike me as very feminine and kind of remind me of butterflies. I first made the smaller weave and actually it is no where close to what I was originally trying to make, but I saw a new design that inspired me to keep weaving. I was really happy with the outcome and then made the second, larger weave. Experimenting with Weaving Loops |The Weaving LoomI feel like I say this a lot, but I do think it’s important to experiment in order to grow as a creative and also be open to new things. If you feel you’re stuck in the middle of a weave, try taking a mental break then come back to the weave and try to look at it in a different way. Are there parts that you like and can save? Can you pull out just the parts you don’t like and then weave them differently? And sometimes, even though it’s frustration, it’s best to just move on and start fresh.

And if you haven’t yet woven in loops, here is my post on how to do it!

Have you ever been stuck in a weave before that isn’t working out the way you had hoped it would? Is there something you did to help get un-stuck? I would love some new techniques to use when hitting a creative roadblock.

Happy Weaving!


P.S. These weaves are currently available in my Etsy shop.

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