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Weavie Buisness || Mailing Weaves

Weavie Business || Mailing WeavesA lot of people have asked me about mailing weaves. I’m not sure if there is a better way to do it, but I will share what works for me.

The best part about weaves is that they are flexible. It depends on what you have created, but besides the rod/branch they are hung from, they can be folded to be smaller in size.

Weavie Business || Mailing WeavesAs long as there is a padded envelop that is big enough to hold my weave folded, that is the first route I will go. To mail a weave in this way I use the following supplies:


Weavie Business || Mailing WeavesTissue Paper & Tape

This step is the best! You get to have fun with your weave and wrap it up like a fun gift. I like to use a few layers of tissue paper so that is acts as a bit of protection for the weave. I’ll fold my weave a bit then fold the tissue paper around it and tape the tissue paper together.

Some one also asked me about folding a weave and the kinks that get in it. In my experience, after the weave is hung, the kinks will gradually work themselves out.

Weavie Business || Mailing WeavesCardboard

I don’t know about you, but over the year I’ll get a few boxes of cardboard from purchasing various things. I like to cut up the cardboard into pieces that I can use later for mailing, which is a great way to save money and reuse materials.

Depending on the weave and how far I’m mailing it, I might add one or two pieces of cardboard to the envelope. If I feel the weaves needs just some support, I’ll add just one piece. One piece of cardboard will stabilize the envelop and make it harder for someone to bend. Sometimes, if I feel the weave needs a lot of support, I’ll sandwich it between two pieces of cardboard. This acts as a second layer of protection. I have also mailed weaves without cardboard before too.

Padded Envelope

I always use a padded envelope when mailing my weaves. These help protect the weave during transit. You can also ask the post office to stamp your weave with Do Not Bend. I’m not sure how much that stamp is followed once in transit, but I’m sure it helps.

So what about weaves that are too large for a padded envelope? The largest weave I’ve ever sent, I rolled up and mailed in a poster board cylinder (after wrapping it up in cute tissue paper of course!). And you can also always send your weave in a box if you don’t feel comfortable with a padded envelope.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas of how to mail a weave. If you have mailed weaves in a different way that has worked for you , I’d love if you could share in the comments below. It’s always great to hear new ideas!

Happy Weaving!


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