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Something new to try, weaving without a loom!Today we’re trying something & fun! We’re going to make a weaving without a loom! Which is especially great for anyone who doesn’t have a loom but really wants to try weaving (or you could always make yourself a loom out of cardboard).

Before we start weaving we’re going to set up our weave’s base. For this project I’m using a 3mm string as my weave base because it is is bulky and will be easier to navigate with my weft thread.

I measured out 8 strings that are 82 inches long each. Taking the 8 strings I found the middle then tied a large knot so that a loop was formed. This loop will be what we hang our weave from and the strings will be are warp threads, giving us 16 warps.

Next we need to set up our warp structure. To do this we’re going to make a macrame double half hitch knot. Did you ever make friendship bracelets? I used to make them all the time when I was younger and I didn’t realize that making them was a form of macrame. The double half hitch knot is what I used in making friendship bracelets. For this project we’re going to tie them in the same way to set up our warp threads.

Here are the basic steps:

Something new to try, weaving without a loom!step1|| spread the warp strings out so that they lay in a flat row. This is the order that we’ll secure our warp threads. Make any adjustments to the order of the thread that makes sense. You won’t want one string pulled across multiple strings. Try to keep the strings in their relative order.

Something new to try, weaving without a loom!step2|| taking a thin string (I’m using a warp thread that matches my 3mm string), tie it to the first warp string in a double knot, leaving a bit of a tail that we can tuck in later.

step3|| take the thin string and using the next warp thread lay the string so that it makes a triangle to the left of the warp and then crosses over the warp thread. The shape you’re making is like the number “4”. After you’ve crossed over the top of the warp, bring the thin string under and through it’s own loop and pull upward. Repeat the number “4” shape with the thin string on the same warp and tie another loop. This is your double half hitch knot.

Something new to try, weaving without a loom!step4|| with the next warp, repeat the number “4” shape twice. Continue tying this double half hitch on each warp thread. When you’re finished you’ll have a row of knots across your warp threads that will hold them spread out and be the basis for our weave.

If you’re row of knots is crooked, simply push the knots up or down to make them straight.

Now that we’ve set the base for our weave, we can start weaving in colors in the next post! Who else has made friendship bracelets? I loved it, I even made some that spelled out names. That might have been my first fiber craft ever.

Happy Weaving!


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