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Weave This || Weaving without a loom part 3

Something new to try, weaving without a loom!Let’s finish our loom-free weave! If you missed the beginning of this weave, you can find the steps here.

Weaving without a loom has been challenging, but it’s also worked really well. We wove two different pieces (we even talked about how to remove some weft thread and weave in a different thread) and now we’re going to finish the weave off.

After the second weave piece, I wanted to add a geometric row of knots below it. I did this using the same double half hitch knots that I used when we made our structure for the first weave.

To make the knots, tie your knotting string (I used some warp thread that matched my twisted cotton) to the first warp thread in a double knot. On the next warp thread, lay the string so that it makes a triangle to the left of the warp and crosses over the warp thread. The shape looks like a number “4”. Next bring the string under and through it’s own loop and pull upward. Repeat making the number “4” shape and bringing the knotting thread through it’s own lop and pulling upward. This is your double half hitch knot. More details and pictures are in this post.

Something new to try, weaving without a loom!When we tied these knots previously we tied them straight across our warp threads in a line. This time, I tied half the knots in a downward angle and then tied the other half in an upward angle. To achieve this I moved the knotting thread down a bit from the knot previous. On the upward slope I tied the knot trying to mirror the other side as much as possible.

Once that knotted angle was done I tied one more large knot in my fringe strings to visually balance the large knot in the middle. I then untwisted the strings up to that second large knot to give the fringe more texture.

The large knot and then untwisted fringe gives the bottom of our weave a tassel like look. It works really well for our weave.

This has been a really great weave project, we wove it without a loom, I showed how you can remove just a part of the yarn you’ve already woven to add in a different yarn, and we made a unique weave that is long and slender.

I like how neutral colored this weave is and I know I started this post saying we’ll finish our weave, but… I have an idea about adding just a bit more color to it. I know, I can’t help myself. If you like the look of your weave being mostly neutral, then you’re done. But if you want a bit more color like I do then stay tuned.

Happy Weaving!


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