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Weave This || Simple Weave Pattern for Beginner’s | Part 2

Free Beginner's Ombre Stripe Weave PatternIn Part 1 of our free beginner’s pattern, we wove our ombre striped weave. Which is a really easy weave for those who are new to weaving and a really great way to take a standard weaving technique and try it in a new way. Plus the ombre stripe is really fun and colorful.

In this post I’m going to show you how to finish your weave so that it looks even better with an interesting way to close the gap on the sides. So let’s get started…

Free Beginner's Ombre Stripe Weave Patternstep1|| you’ll have a lot of thread ends in the back of your weave that need to be tucked in and trimmed. I have more details on the process and how to make your tuck in almost invisible here. Don’t forget to check the front of your weave as you make tucks in the back. This is to make sure you do not mess up the front of your weave. If you do see a mistake in the front, then fix it before you trim the tuck in thread.

Free Beginner's Ombre Stripe Weave Pattern

Now that all your loose ends are tucked in the back of the weave, you can see that we have a gap on both sides of the ombre stripe. We’re going to close up these gaps in a way that pushes the stripe forward so that it stands out a bit from our neutral background.

Free Beginner's Ombre Stripe Weave Patternstep2|| to close the side gaps, start by taking some thin thread. I used my warp thread for this. Loop the thread around the first warp that the neutral color is on, next to the gap. Tie the thread to itself around the warp thread.

step3|| pull the thread over to the second warp thread in the ombre stripe and loop it under and over the warp thread. By looping around the second warp thread of the stripe, you’ll pull the stripe above the neutral color’s edge.

step4|| continue by looping around the end neutral warp thread, about 3 rows up, then back over to the second warp thread of the colored threads. You’ll be making a zig-zag between both sides of the weave, making sure to pull the thread enough to pull the neutral slightly under the colored thread stripe. Tie the thread to itself once you reach the other end of the stripe.

Free Beginner's Ombre Stripe Weave Patternstep5|| do this on both sides of the weave. When finished tuck the ends of the gap closing thread and trim any excess.

Now your weave will feature a ombre strip that is slightly raised above the neutral background. This makes for a much more interesting and nice looking weave. I especially love how the weave looks much cleaner now too, it definitely makes the ends look nicer.

In the last part of the pattern, I’ll go over taking your weave off the loom and some different ways on how to hang your new weave!

As always, let me know if you have questions or if you found adding another step to be even more helpful. I love hearing your feedback!

Happy Weaving!


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