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Weave This || Simple Weave Pattern for Beginner’s | Part 1

Free Beginner's Ombre Stripe Weave PatternDo you remember my post on simple shading? Well, since it was so easy, colorful, and fun I decided it would make a good beginner’s pattern!

This pattern is perfect for those who are newer to weaving and want to make something interesting. The best part is it only requires the simple over/under weave technique.

Since we’re all going to be using different yarns & looms, I’m writing up the steps in general sizes so that you can make adjustments as you need to.


  • Yarn – The best part! I picked out 5 colored yarns with a second yarn that complimented them, so 10 colored yarns in total. My colors were: Navy blue & Denim, white & grey I also used a twisted cotton string as my background neutral.
  • Warp thread
  • Loom – If you don’t have one I have a cardboard loom DIY or a DIY on how to make a loom from a frame.  And also some looms in The Weaving Loom shop.
  • Weaving needle

step1|| warp up your loom (more details on how to do that here). To give you an idea of the scale of my weave, the weave I made has 34 warp threads across and takes up about 6 inches across the loom width.

Simple woven shadingstep2|| taking my first colored pair of yarns (the navy blue & denim), I found the middle of my warp threads and wove some plain weave rows of navy across 12 warp threads. I wove about ½ an inch with the navy, then wove ½ inch with the navy and the denim threads held together, and finished with a ½ inch of just the denim thread. This created a bit of a woven ombre look with my yarn.

Simple woven shadingstep3|| I repeated this process with the other 4 color combinations down the length of my weave. As you can see it made a really pretty and interesting color stripe, all using the basic over/under plain weave. My colored ombre stripe is about 9 inches in length and about 2 ¼ inches in width.

Free Beginner's Ombre Stripe Weave Patternstep4|| after my stripe was finished, I took my neutral colored thread (I’m using a twisted cotton string) and wove 5 rows of the plain weave across all warp threads and above the stripe. Next, with the same string, I wove 5 rows of the plain weave across all warp threads and below the stripe. These rows will create a foundation for my weave that locks in the warp threads.

Free Beginner's Ombre Stripe Weave PatternStep5|| I then continued my neutral string down the left warp threads starting at the top rows, just weaving the plain weave until all warp threads were covered and I reached my bottom rows. When that was finished I did the same thing on the right side warp threads, completing my weave.

Note: When filling in the sides of your weave, make sure to keep the yarn on the end warps loose so that your yarn rows don’t pull the warp threads apart and create a large gap between the colored stripe and the neutral sides.

Free Beginner's Ombre Stripe Weave PatternYou’ll notice that there is a gap between the stripe and the neutral sides. Because I made sure to place my rows loosely, my gap doesn’t show too much on my loom. In the next post I’m going to show you how to close up that gap in an interesting way that will make our weave look even nicer, so keep an eye out!

If you’re looking for more easy techniques for beginner’s that have a big visual impact, check out this post.

Happy Weaving!


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  • Jean Gogolin
    November 16, 2017 at 7:24 am

    Hi Kate,
    Somewhere recently I saw Christmas tree ornaments that were just balls of white roving, maybe 3 or 4 inches in diameter. I’d like to make some but can’t quite figure out how. Any ideas?