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Weave This || Make Your Own Pom Curtain Tie Back

Make your own pom pom curtain tie back!Of course after I made my first curtain tie back, I instantly had ideas for more! And really, what home would be complete without a curtain tie back loaded with colorful pom poms?

Our main tie will be a macrame string with square knots, here are the steps for tying that:

Make your own pom pom curtain tie back!step 1|| measure out two pieces of string to about 4 ft each. You may need longer depending on how long your curtain tie needs to be. It’s best to cut the strings longer because when you start knotting it shortens your strings.

step 2|| fold the two strings in half at the middle and tie in a single knot, creating a loop that will be used as our closure for the curtain tie.

step 3|| begin tying square knots using the four strands under the loop you created. You’ll want to tie the square knots to the length of the curtain tie back that you need. To give you an idea, I made mine about 15 inches long with some extra string at the end to pull through the loop (we’ll talk about this more later). Depending on how bulky your curtains are you will want to make your tie back shorter or longer to gather all the fabric. Here are the steps to the square knot (and my original post with more pictures on the process):How to tie a square knot

  • I selected 4 strands out of my fringe.
  • taking the far left string (colored blue), pass it over the two middle strings and under the far left string (colored pink).
  • take the pink string and bring it behind the two middle strings and over to the left.
  • pass the pink string through the loop made by the blue string on the left side. This is your first knot.
  • take the blue string from the right side, pass it over the front of the two middle strings and under the pink string.
  • bring the pink string behind the two middle strings.
  • pass the pink string through the loop the blue string made.
  • pull the pink and blue strings tight until they tie into a knot. Make sure to control all your strings while you pull the knot tight so that they tie evenly. You have made a square knot!

step 4|| once your first strand of square knots is done, tie it off in a single knot at the end and then tie it one more time on top of that first single knot to make it a large knot.

step 5|| now the fun part of making your poms. I made four poms of different colors. Four seems to make a nice bulky size that stands out on the curtains. I have a few different posts on how to make poms here:

Make your own pom pom curtain tie back!step 6|| lay your poms out in the order you want them to hang.

Make your own pom pom curtain tie back!step 7|| taking the tie off strings from the top pom, I tied my first pom pom to the second from last square knot. First making a knot in my tie off string, then pulling that against the square knot and tying the two strings behind the square knot.

Make your own pom pom curtain tie back!step 8|| next I tied the string ends to itself to extra secure the pom to the square knot. I then pulled the string ends through the knot in the back and trimmed the extra.

Make your own pom pom curtain tie back!step 9|| take the second pom and tie it to the first pom’s string at the height that you want it to hang. Trim the string ends short once the knot is secured. You’ll be able to see the hanging strings behind the poms, but this won’t show on your curtain.

step 10|| I then took the last pom and tied that to the second pom just below it. I then tied my third pom onto my second pom also. Doing it in this order helped me make the group of poms full and with no gaps. I trimmed all the hanging strings short once the poms were tied tightly and secured.

Make your own pom pom curtain tie back!This make such a fun curtain tie-back. If color isn’t your thing, I have this neutral curtain tie back that is also really cute.

Do you love this idea? I really love having pops of texture and color hiding around the house, also when you can make something like this so easily, it’s fun to make a few different tie backs that you can switch around as you feel like it. As always, let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Weaving!

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