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Weave Experiments | My Neutral Weave

My Neutral Loop Weave | The Weaving LoomThis weave was the first time I had made loops, and I approached it with absolutely no plan. I kept it to just one color because I just wanted to play around with texture. I switched between how many threads I wove with to add some texture difference. Also my loops were completely experimental, I tried variegating my loop sizes slightly to see what effect it would have on my weave and ended up with this middle area (almost a circle shape) of loops coming out of the weave, which I liked. But then I got stuck on how to finish the weave. I debated adding rya knots, but thought that would overwhelm the piece which already had so much going on. My Neutral Loop Weave | The Weaving LoomI also tried adding some slight color sections on top of what was already woven, but quickly decided that didn’t look right either. I actually got stuck on this weave, and ended up just letting it sit for about two weeks. I needed a distraction from thinking about this weave, because everything started to feel forced, so I started a new weaving. The new weaving I made was a larger loop experiment that I shared here. With that weave I really pushed what different loop sizes would look like, but you can read more about that one in it’s post.My Neutral Loop Weave | The Weaving Loom Once I finished that second piece, I then went back to this weave, and suddenly I had an idea. I ended up making a single large Rya knot out of my warp threads followed by a few more plain woven rows and tiny rya knots, which I feel really fit this weave. Sometimes it really helps to take a mental step back. Overall, this piece taught me that most the time I do better if I have a very loose plan.  I also learned that I can take a break from a weave I’m stuck on and come back to it fresh, instead of deciding the weave is just not working and needs to be dismantled (although sometimes quitting a weave and taking it apart is the right option).  I think that these rough patches of creativity happen especially when you’re starting out, and that is the best time to push your limits and experiment.  That way you can determine what you like and what you don’t like, which helps form your unique style.

Have you hit a creative block before on a weave that was almost complete? Do you find it helpful to just walk away from what you’re making and give yourself a break? I would love to hear how you handle a bump in the creative process.

Happy Weaving!


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