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Weave Experiments || My Curly Weave

My Curly Weave | The Weaving Loom

This weave was the 5th one I have ever made. I mostly played around with this one and let the fibers do what they wanted, which ended up being really fun and taught me about manipulating thread. I was using acrylic threads more when I created this weave, however now I tend to stay away from acrylic. Not because there is anything wrong with it, but over time I have noticed that it has a fake look about it that I just don’t really like. You know, like the difference between real and fake flowers. The white thread I used was an acrylic thread, and while knitting with it, I just kept pulling a really long thread of it through my warp threads and as it tangled I just let it sit there, giving my weave a lot of texture. I really liked how it turned out with all that texture. Sometimes you want your weave to look nice and uniform, but sometimes it’s fun to play with the thread and be much less cautious, letting it do what it wants.

My Curly Weave | The Weaving Loom

When I want a messier weave, some things I try are twisting my thread and then weaving it through the warp or letting one weft pass be looser and the next be tighter. Even if you just do this on a sample weave piece, it’s good to experiment and see how your threads react. It also can lead to ideas for future weaves.

My Curly Weave | The Weaving Loom

How do you approach making a new weave? Do you have a set idea that you follow through the whole way, or do you experiment as you go?

Happy Weaving!


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  • judy leffler
    July 14, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    Just saw this and it reminds me of the fiber I’m working with now on my little Minnow Loom. I love how pretty the skein looks when it arrives but I always undo it and make it into a ball. The yarn is so pretty but I have yet to get a ball out of it because it keeps getting tangled within itself. It’s like stuck to itself and a bear to undo. So I ended up cutting what I could for what I wanted but even on the needle it keeps wanting to wind itself. This post gave me a great tip to just let the fiber be what it wanted to be so I’ll give this technique a go. thanks

    • Kate
      July 16, 2016 at 8:09 pm

      That skein sounds scary, like when I tried weaving with mohair and it kept sticking to itself, hopefully your yarn isn’t that bad. Let me know how it works out when you just let it do what it wants, or better yet send me a picture πŸ™‚