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Weave Along || Part 1: Double Warp Your Loom

Weave Along || Part 1: Double Warping Your LoomHey friends! I am going to be trying something new. I’m making a weave along, where you can follow from beginning to end of a weave through several blog posts. I think this might be nice for everyone. For those of you that to follow along, you can weave along each week until we complete the weave together! For those that just want to learn a piece or two, you get to pop in and out as you please. Then at the end I’ll offer a very detailed pattern guide of all the steps, for all of you that want all the steps. I think this will be very fun!

If you need that extra push to try weaving, this will be great! And since it will be over a few weeks you’ll have plenty of time to follow along or make up a week you might have to miss.

So here we are at the beginning. For this weave, we’ll be double warping our frame loom, because I want a really high density warp across our loom. This will let us make a really detailed pattern between the warp and the weft threads. If you’re using a loom that already has a lot of warps per inch, then you can just warp your loom regularly.

Weave Along || Part 1: Double Warping Your Loomstep 1|| warp across your loom as you normally would, but don’t cut your warp thread at the end of the row. Instead, bring the warp thread back over the tabs that you already warped. For the frame loom I’m using, I passed the warp thread around each tab once. This made two threads per loom tab. On the way back, I passed the warp thread back around each tab, so that now each tab has two warp threads wrapped around them. This made four threads per loom tab.

Weave Along || Part 1: Double Warping Your Loomstep 2|| some of your warp threads will cross over each other when you warp the second time. Separate your warp threads so that you make sure they don’t cross over each other, but instead sit nicely around the loom tab. This helps keep the warp threads in order and will make sure you don’t get a twist in your warp thread when you try to hang it by the warp loops.

Weave Along || Part 1: Double Warping Your Loomstep 3|| since I want to use the warp loops at the top, I wove two plain rows and then hem stitched them at the top of my loom. I used a natural colored warp thread that will match the wool thread I’m weaving with later. I used a warp thread to do the beginning rows because it’s strong and thin, so it is perfect for securing my first rows.

step 4|| next I wove a few rows of plain weave with my wool thread. This helped spread out my warp threads and lay them flat across the loom. I also used my weaving needle to push the warp threads apart so they sat more evenly spaced.

Your weave is all set up and ready to go for the next step, which will be coming up next week! I hope you’re enjoying this weave along and are as excited as I am!

Happy Weaving!


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    Cheryl Yoder
    April 21, 2017 at 9:05 am

    I’m in, this should be fun to learn to do things differently. A Weave Along is a great idea!
    Thank you so much for doing this.

    • Reply
      April 24, 2017 at 2:45 pm

      Yay! It’s great to hear that you’re excited too!

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