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Talking Colors with Wild Plum Co

Talking Colors with Wild Plum Co |The Weaving LoomI’m so very excited about today’s post. We’re going to talk about using color in weaves and to help me talk about color, I’ve turned to my favorite weaver of colors Cassie Hull of Wild Plum Co. Cassie mixes colors like a pro, I am truly amazed by the color combos she comes up with. She is also a super nice person and a dream to work with. I’m truly happy to have met her.


Me: How do you approach selecting colors for a weave? Do you start with just one color and then pick the other colors from there, or do you start with a group of colors? Or maybe something else completely?

Cassie: I will start off with a color that inspires me and then gather a grouping of other colors that I feel compliments/contrasts that main color. I will typically gather 5-6 different yarns and fibers. I like to incorporate a combination of a few different textures in each weaving and then let my imagination go wild!
Talking Colors with Wild Plum Co |The Weaving LoomMe: Do you have a personal guideline for bringing color balance into your weaves? I’ve noticed that a lot of your weaves don’t have a solid colored neutral, but maybe a speckled neutral or a muted tone, and it works so well! Do you have any tips for beginners that want to use a lot of color, but don’t want to overwhelm their weaves?

Cassie: I don’t personally have a particular guideline that I use. For beginners, I would recommend not having a guideline either. If your wanting a more colorful weaving just pick out a few colors that speak to you and just add them in your weaving as you go. You can continue adding colors in until you’re satisfied. Just go for it and have fun! You will pick up what your personal style is and what you like best. I am still fairly new to the weaving game. I’ve only been weaving for a little over a year and within that year I have learned so much! All through trial/error and practice. Using all different fibers, gauges of yarns, hand spun yarns and roving! The best and most fun part is experimenting! There are so many beautiful colors of yarns and fibers to work with out there.

Me: When you’re shopping for yarn are you looking at them based on color or texture or both?

Cassie: Definitely color! I’ll purchase my yarns from local yarn shops but some of my favorites yarns and fibers are online. There are SO many great places on Etsy for beautiful hand spun and hand dyed yarns, which are my absolute favorite to work with! Which is also supports other small shops, which I love. I’ll first look for color and what catches my eye. Most of the time, I am on the hunt for a specific colors because I do so much custom work but If I see something I cant part with I’ll get that too and keep to use for another time.Talking Colors with Wild Plum Co |The Weaving LoomMe: What colors do you gravitate towards?

Cassie: I feel my style is constantly changing but lately I am liking ‘Bright & Light’ sort of feel in my weavings. I would say any colors that catch my eye but I love any and all the shades of pink, pretty mustards, turquoise, purples, and multi colored yarns. My very favorites are hand dyed yarns. Whether that be a solid pretty color or a multi colored, which are so fun! They are all so original and no two are exactly alike because they’re all dyed by hand. With the multi colored yarns, they can make a really colorful weaving when you add a few complimentary or contrasting colors or you can keep it more simple by using the multi colored yarns with neutrals. It’s so much fun!

Me: What are your favorite fibers? Do you use acrylic?

Cassie: When I first began weaving I ONLY used acrylics because I had never used any type of yarn in my entire life. I have no background in fibers what so ever so this has all been such a learning experience for me. In the past year I have learned so much about all the different types of yarns and fibers and am constantly still learning so much. I am truly obsessed. Some of my favorites to work with are merino wool and baby alpaca. They are so beautiful and incredibly soft. I was in the dark about natural fibers and hand dyed yarns and now I am always on the hunt. I had no clue what roving was and now I am always using it. I would recommend working with natural fibers every chance you get. They are such great quality and have such a beautiful look. Now, I mainly use all natural fibers and hand dyed yarns in my weavings but I still will use acrylics from time to time if I love the color enough.

Talking Colors with Wild Plum Co |The Weaving LoomThank you so much Cassie for your advice! Is it just me, or do you want to pull out all your yarns and start mixing and matching colors now?

You can find Cassie’s work in her shop at Wild Plum Co where she is currently creating a lot of custom weaves (including one I just ordered for myself. I couldn’t help it after looking at all her beautiful weaves!) And if you want some daily eye candy like the pictures featured in this post, follow her on Instagram here!

What colors do you gravitate towards in your weaving? Do you experiment with bold colors or prefer a more muted palate? I usually do a mix of neutral with bold, but now I’m a little inspired to try more bold colors.

Happy Weaving!


All pictures in this post are copyrighted via Wild Plum Co and are used with permission.

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  • Irana
    November 3, 2015 at 4:34 am

    This is so cool! I am also a big fan of WildPlumCo. I’m still learning how to make a ‘decent’ mix-n-match, besides the other basic techniques .
    Sometimes when I tried to combine the yarn in the basket, they look OK. But, after I finished my weave, some things feel not quite right with the color combos *sigh*.
    Well, that was part of the trial and error experience I guess 😉

    • Kate
      November 3, 2015 at 9:43 am

      Hi Irana! I totally understand what you’re saying. I also have gathered colors together prior to weaving, and then when weaving it just doesn’t look quite right. I think the issue is the amount of the colors is different once you start weaving, compared to the big balls of yarn. Now I try to start with just a few (like 3) main colors and then add more as I go if it looks right. It’s definitely trial and error 🙂

  • kg
    March 6, 2016 at 11:32 am

    I’m new and am exclusively acrylics too, mainly because I wanted to use what I already had in my yarn stash, and it’s so inexpensive. But after attending a weaving workshop this weekend, seeing and working with all those beautiful natural fibers – mostly locally sourced, hand-dyed and hand-spun… oh, man. I’m still going to use the stash I have, but I would love to work with locally-sourced wools and alpacas for future projects.

    Cassie’s weavings are fantastic. Thanks for sharing her story.

    • Kate
      March 6, 2016 at 10:35 pm

      I know exactly what you mean, I also started out with acrylics and didn’t know what the big deal was with natural fibers until I used some. Now I always use them, ha. The best part of you using up your stash is you’re learning on a more inexpensive material, so later when you’ve gained experience and you can start using natural fibers, you’ll make some really lovely things. Have a great day!