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Hello and welcome to The Weaving Loom where I share weaving tutorials and tips!  I started a weaving Pinterest group board because I really wanted to be able to see all the weaves that my readers are making.  If you would like to request to  join, here are the rules of the board, those who do not follow the rules will be removed:

  • Make sure you are following the board
  • The goal of this board is to share weaves that you have created, please only post your own work and not the work of others.
  • I don’t mind if you post from your shop, your website, your Instagram, or as a user uploaded picture as long as it is a weave you created.
  • Please do not post a picture more then once.  If you have multiple pictures of one weave from different angles, it is ok to post them but please limit to two pictures of the same weave a day.
  • Your macrame creations are welcome too!
  • No Spam allowed.
  • Please do not invite others into the group, instead direct those who would be a good fit to this request form.

Remeber to put the email you use for Pinterest into the form so I can add you to the group, I will not use your email for anyother reason.  If you are new to my site, here is a great place to start: Weaving Techniques



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