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My favorite warp thread | The Weaving Loom

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I receive a lot of questions what to use for warp threads and as you know from this post, you can use a lot of different threads for your warp. I have used quite a few myself, before I found Maysville cotton warp. This is my favorite because this cotton warp is wound very tightly making it strong with very little stretch. You might be asking why is that important, and the reason is your warp is the backbone of your weave. You can do a lot of crazy fun stuff with your weft, but if you aren’t using a good warp or didn’t warp your loom properly then you’ll have issues when you take your weaving off the loom. A strong warp lets you add a lot of heavy layers and texture to your weave and a warp that doesn’t stretch means that once you take your weave off the loom, your warp threads will hold their form (for the most part) and your weave won’t shrink or get wavy. Although, it is important to keep in mind that what you do with your weft might cause your weave to get wavy also, as I wrote about my own experience here.

My favorite warp thread | The Weaving Loom

This Maysville cotton warp is my favorite because of all the reasons I described above, but also the fun part…it comes in different colors! So far I’ve only purchased the black, white, and natural colors of this warp, but I really want to get the red, blue, bronze gold (oh my!!)…okay all of the colors. I think that weaving on a colored warp is the coolest thing ever! Just imagine your weave with a little bit of extra color peeking through, like white weft with a red warp, or that bronze gold with a neutral palette weft . I was super excited when I got myself the black warp, but now I think I’ll get a different color too…I just need to decide which one.

My favorite warp thread | The Weaving Loom

Have you ever woven with a colored warp? What is your favorite colored warp to use? Also I would love to hear about any wishlist worthy items you have come across.

You can view other items that are on my wishlist here:

Happy Weaving!


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  • Joyce A. Harrington
    June 4, 2016 at 10:39 pm

    Hi! I am looking for a source of black warp thread for making rugs. Can you tell me where I can purchase them? I live in Clearwater, British Columbia. Unfortunately I have been unable to find black in Kamloops, the nearest source of knitting/weaving supplies.

    • Kate
      June 6, 2016 at 6:14 am

      Hi Joyce, The warp thread I’m talking about in this post comes in black and you can order it online. I haven’t seen it in the stores by me, so I order it online all the time. I hope this helps!