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How to start a Lap Loom for weaving – Warping your loom

Warp a Frame Loom DIY | The Weaving Loom

So you are ready to start weaving, but how do you set up a frame loom to begin? Not to worry, I’ve got your back 😉

To start with some basic weaving terms, the thread used as the base of your weave that sits in the vertical position is known as the warp thread. As the warp thread is the base of your weave and it holds a lot of tension throughout the process, it is important to use a thread that is strong and tightly spun. For my weavings I use a strong cotton warp thread and I’m excited to say I’m offering cotton warp thread in my shop!

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There are two different looms that I will go over how to warp; the notched loom or the frame loom. There of course are many more styles of looms that can be used to weave, but I will go over these two types because they are the easiest and most affordable for beginners.

Notch Frame Loom | The Weaving Loom

A notched or peg loom is a frame loom that respectively has notches/pegs on the top and bottom of the face of the frame. I’m working on a notched frame loom, but you can follow these steps for a peg frame loom too.

Slip Knot on Notched Frame Loom | The Weaving Loom

To warp your loom, start with a slip knot on the first notch.  A slip knot is made by first tying a regular knot (this is shown on the right side of my thread), then cross the tail of the thread over, under, and back over the loop of your knot (as shown on the left side of my thread).  The outside loop goes around your notch or peg and you pull the tail until it’s tight.  The slip knot will “slip” down the thread and tighten around the notch.

I started at the bottom left side, then pull the warp thread up to the top notch and turn the thread over and around bringing it down to the bottom. Continue from bottom to top in an S pattern.

Warping a Notched Frame Loom | The Weaving Loom

Once you have reached the last notch check your warp thread for even tension across the loom. You can make any adjustments needed, then tie off your warp thread using another slip knot.

Warping a Notched Frame Loom | The Weaving Loom

A basic frame loom is just as it sounds, a basic frame! I recommend marking off guide lines for your warp as I explain here.  To warp a frame loom, start with a slip knot on our first warp guideline in the top left side.

Slip Knot a Frame Loom | The Weaving Loom

Pull the warp thread down, over the front of the frame at the guideline and around the back. From the bottom back pull the warp thread up and to the front of the frame, then around the back of the frame again. This means your warp thread should always come from the front of the frame and around the back and continue front to back, so that it creates a figure 8 where the threads meet in the middle.

Warping a Frame Loom | The Weaving Loom

Now you can begin the best part, weaving your yarn between the warp threads!!

Happy Weaving!


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  • Lauren Swinson
    December 30, 2016 at 11:10 am

    Question: If you use the figure 8 warping method with the picture frame loom, how do you get the waving off when you are done?

    • Kate
      December 30, 2016 at 4:57 pm

      To remove your weave from a frame loom, you just need to cut the warp threads off the loom. Then you tie off your warp threads and can hang your weave in a few different ways. Here is a link of some ideas of how to finish your weave

      • Lauren Swinson
        December 31, 2016 at 5:04 pm

        Oh of course! Excellent. Thank you! And I love your site, I’ll definitely check out that link! My daughter got the Melissa and Doug look for Christmas and it looked so fun I knew I had to try. 🙂