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How to Hang a Circle Weave Cut off the Loom

How to hang a circle weave on a loop || The Weaving LoomHi friends! Last week I shared how to finish a circle weave on an embroidery hoop, but what about hanging a circle weave that you cut off the hoop or loom? Well today’s post is about… (I know you’ve already guessed, haha)… just that!

To start you’ll need some type of circle structure to hang from, like a macrame hoop (see Shop this post below for which one I used). Make sure to choose a hoop that is larger then your finished weave. Alright let’s get started:

How to hang a circle weave on a loop || The Weaving Loomstep 1| cut your weave from the loom or hoop. You’ll need an inch or two to tie your warp threads, so make sure you leave enough room when weaving.

step 2| double knot two warp threads together. Do this all around the weave until finished. If you have an odd number of warp threads, then you’ll double knot three threads together at just one point.

step 3| weave the warp ends through the back of your weave. Always flip your weave over to check that the warp ends aren’t showing in the front, make adjustments if necessary. Trim the excess ends

How to hang a circle weave on a loop || The Weaving Loomstep 4| take a thread to attached your weave to the loop. I’m using some embroidery floss that matches, but you can use warp thread or yarn. Bring the thread under one of your warp knots, this is very important, because if you don’t go under the knot then the weave won’t be as well supported. Next double knot the thread to it’s self.

step 5| bring the thread from the weave over the loop, wrap it around, then back down to the weave.

step 6| bring the thread through the next warp knot, then back up over the loop, wrap around, and back down to the next warp knot. Keep doing this until you have gone through each warp knot and have reached your beginning knot. Also make sure to keep an even tension between the weave and the loop, making adjustments as you go.

How to hang a circle weave on a loop || The Weaving Loomstep 7| once you have reached the beginning knot with your thread, (bringing it over the loop, wrap around, and then down under the warp knot as you did with all the other warp knots) double knot the thread to the beginning thread tail. Weave in the thread tails and your weave is hung!

As you noticed I left my loop metal exposed, because I felt it fit my weave, but you can always wrap it in yarn just like I did for the embroidery hoop. If you choose to do this, then I recommend wrapping the loop first, then attaching the weave to the loop after.

Are you also loving the circle weaves? Have you made one yet or do you have future plans? If you’ve made one and are on Instagram, I’d love to see it so tag me!

Happy Weaving!


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  • Yuzmin
    July 11, 2016 at 11:35 pm

    Just wondering if there is any way to finish a circular weaving without using a circular structure like the macrame hoop used?

    • Kate
      July 12, 2016 at 4:02 pm

      I guess you could finish the circular weave with no hoop and get creative on how you hang it, but I’ve only ever used a hoop.

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