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Getting out of a Creative Block

A Playful way to Weave out of a Creative BlockDo you remember this weave? I framed it up and it looks really nice on my gallery wall with my framed pictures. But that isn’t the point of this post. The point is if you’re feeling a creative block when it comes to weaving, then you need to try this technique.

I like to call it doodle weaving, because just like doodling you can zone out and make whatever shapes and colors that pop into your head at that moment. Also all you have to know about weaving is how to plain weave, which means this is really great for beginners.

How to doodle weaveTo start, pull out all your favorite yarn colors. In fact, pull out more yarn then you’ll use so that you have a good variety. This is also a great weave for using up your long yarn bits and cut down on your stash.

How to doodle weaveI started with a base color that is neutral because I really wanted to go colorful in the center. I also wove a few rows all the way across the warp threads to lock them in place before starting my doodle weaving.

How to doodle weaveOnce you have your base rows woven, start with your first doodle color. Jump around on which warp threads you weave over. This creates the really interesting look and also helps hold your piece together. Make sure you leave your thread loose on the ends, so that they cover any gaps between colors. (If you’re new to weaving, here are my tips on plain weaving to get an even tension).

And of course, here is a video on doodle weaving so you can see how I switch from color to color.

I wove all my doodle colors and then filled in the neutral color on the sides. Completing the weave with straight rows across the bottom to again lock in the warp threads.

To finish, simply tuck in all the different colored ends in the back of the weave and trim any excess thread. It is a lot of work, since you’ll have so many different colors, but it’s very doable and looks great!

If you don’t have a loom of your own, here is my post on making the cardboard loom that I made this weave on. I also posted on how to mount your weave in a frame here.

How to doodle weaveSo if you’re in a creative block or looking for something fun to try, you should give this type of weave a try. It’s really fun and there is no pressure to make a perfect design.

What do you do when you have a creative block? Does weaving more help you get out of it or do you take a break from weaving?

Happy Weaving!


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