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FibreShare, a really fun way to meet & share with others who love fiber!

I just joined for my third round of FibreShare and then I realized, I’m sure a lot of you have heard about it, but what about those who haven’t yet?  If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a really fun fiber exchange with others who love fibers.  I have met some really great people by participating in this and I really love to put together a special package (and of course receive a special package too!).  And they have different categories to sign up for like weaving, knitting, spinning, etc so that you can be paired up with someone else who loves to work with fibers in a similar way.  Beth, one of the hosts of FibreShare, was really nice to write up a much better explanation then I could ever do, so keep reading for more details…

Hi fibre-friends!  My name is Beth Meyer, and I am one of two Hosts of FibreShare.  I manage our website + blog, and I draw our graphics!  My Co-Host, Ashley Thurman, manages all the partner matching magic, takes care of our Instagram feed, coordinates giveaways, and generally just serves as a beacon of fibre badassery.

FibreShare, a really fun way to meet & share with others who love fiber!

So you may be wondering, WHAT IS FIBRESHARE?!  Well, FibreShare at its simplest is an international online yarn swap.  We match up people who have similar tastes in yarn/fibre so that they can trade goodies.  FibreShare is open to all types of crafters, (knitters, crocheters, weavers, etc.) and it’s open to people of all skill levels.  Anyone can participate as long as they have an Instagram account, an email address, and they love fiber art!  


Here’s how it works: several times a year, we have open “Sign Ups” on our website, and hundreds of crafters fill out a form detailing their fibre obsessions. In fact, we even ask questions like, “Are there any yarns/fibers/tools you’ve been drooling over?” or “What have been some of your favorite colors or color schemes to use in your projects lately?” Then we match everyone with 2 partners: one to whom you will send yarn, and another from whom you will receive yarn. Emails are sent out to every participant, detailing your partner’s fibre preferences, and then the sharing begins!  The only requirements are to send a minimum of 100 grams of fibre that you think your partner will like, and to send it by the deadline. Ashley and I work really hard to make this process personal, streamlined, and fun for everyone!  We love our jobs!


Here are some pictures of beautiful FibreShare packages sent in past rounds:

FibreShare, a really fun way to meet & share with others who love fiber!

FibreShare, a really fun way to meet & share with others who love fiber!


What we love most is that FibreShare has grown beyond the physical exchange of yarn.  Our community grows exponentially with each new round of sharing, (the most recent share included 839 participants from 24 countries!) and our hearts have been so touched by the spirit of giving and friendship we’ve witnessed!  People in our community are making friends, inspiring each other, and supporting each other’s indie shops like never before.


Since our umbrella mission is to “foster connections beyond the screen while contributing to the growth of the Fibre-community,” we love to highlight Indie makers, facilitate giveaways, and help promote and encourage our members in any way possible.  We feel really lucky to get to work closely with such talented folks, all in the name of sharing, supporting one another’s passions, and of course, indulging in glorious yarns!!


Interested in trying FibreShare for yourself?  Here are some concerns/questions we hear a lot, but you can find full FAQs on our website here:


Does it cost money it participate?

Yep, there are 2 options: FibreShare Basic is $5/round and FibreShare Plus is $7/round.  (See more about that here.) We charge this fee because it takes a LOT of time to match everyone up, but also, because it serves as an insurance fee in case you don’t receive a package from your partner.  No matter what, we’re committed to making sure you have a great experience, even if it means Ashley or I send you a FibreShare package ourselves!  


What if I don’t receive a package from my partner?

All you have to do is let us know, and we’ll make it right.  First, we get in touch with your partner to try to figure out what’s going on.  Oftentimes all is well, and there’s simply a delay in the mail. But in the case your partner flakes or can’t fulfill their obligation, we will send you a replacement package!  Easy peasy!


I’m intimidated by all these beautiful Instagram photos!!  What if my partner doesn’t like what I send?

Please don’t worry!  If you are kind and thoughtful enough to worry about this, we guarantee you’ll knock a FibreShare package out of the park.  Ashley and I are happy to help you if you feel stuck – just email us for advice!  Also, we provide a huge list of exclusive coupon codes each round of FibreShare, so there will be lots of shopping options for you to check out, featuring super cool online retailers.


How much do I need to spend?  I don’t think I can afford to keep up with the Joneses!

Again, don’t worry!  There is no spending minimum or maximum, as FibreShare is about giving from the heart.  We’ve seen amazing packages comprised of affordable options.  Lots of people send yarns from their personal stash, extra little homemade gifts, vintage or upcycled fibers… There is a lot you can do with a small budget.  If you’re feeling stuck, feel free to email us anytime, or scroll through the hashtag #fibreshare for inspiration!

Thanks Beth!

If you’re interested don’t wait too long because the sign-ups are closing Saturday, October 15th at 11:59 PM EST.  And if you missed sign-ups, don’t worry they have a share a few times a year.  I’m really excited about this share (as always!).  I can’t wait to see who I’m paired up with…it might even be you!

Happy Weaving,


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  • Laura
    October 4, 2016 at 2:29 pm

    Thanks so much for the fibreshare info. I immediately went through my yarn stash to find some items and then created an Instagram account! I am glad that I can participate in next round. I’m fairly new to weaving and don’t know any other weavers. What a great way to do so!

    By the way, I used your site to teach myself to weave and love adding a new stich or two to each wall hanging.

    • Kate
      October 4, 2016 at 2:38 pm

      Fun!! You’ll definitely meet weavers on Instagram, my advice is to use and look through hashtags like #weaving and #weaveweird to find weavers. Leaving comments is a great way to start friendships 🙂 And of course you’ll meet two new people with your FibreShare!!