Embellishing Dowel Rods to Compliment your Weave

Embellishing Dowel Rods | The Weaving Loom

So as I mentioned before I like using dowel rods to hang my weaves from. The reason for this is they are easy to cut to size, they are affordable, and you can embellish them to what best fits your weave.

Most of the time I use a wood stain on my dowel rods. You can find a wood stain in your local hardware store or on Amazon. The steps for wood staining are very easy. First cut your dowel rod to size and file the cut end. If you don’t have a large metal file, you can use a concrete slab such as what is found outside for sidewalks. patios, etc. to file down your dowel rod.

Embellishing Dowel Rods | The Weaving Loom


When cutting my dowel rod to size, I like to have my dowel rod extend about 1 ½ inches on both sides of the top of my weave, but this is completely up to you and the style you’re going for.

Embellishing Dowel Rods | The Weaving Loom

Now that you’re dowel rod is ready, follow the directions on the wood stain you purchased. It should be as easy as spreading the stain on the dowel rod, going with the grain. Letting the rod sit for a defined about of time (on the stain can) then wipe off the excess stain and let it completely dry. To achieve a dark stain, keep applying coats of the stain until you are satisfied. I like some wood grain to show on my dowel rods, so I only apply one coat.

Embellishing Dowel Rods | The Weaving Loom

Another option to embellishing your dowel rod, would be to paint it with acrylic paint. This an especially awesome option because it allows you to paint your dowel rod whatever color you want. You could paint the dowel rod neon pink, pastel blue, stripped colors, the options are only limited to your imagination. I’m trying out some gold acrylic paint to give my dowel rod a bit of a metallic sheen.

Embellishing Dowel Rods | The Weaving Loom

For acrylic painting your dowel rod the steps are similar to staining. Again cut it to size and file the cut end. Next paint the dowel rod however you want, letting it dry and adding more coats to deepen your colors.

Embellishing Dowel Rods | The Weaving Loom

Have you tried embellishing your dowel rods? What is your favorite technique?

Happy Weaving!


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