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Best Of Weaving Techniques || The Hem Stitch

How to Hem Stitch a WeaveIf you’re looking for a really nice way to finish your weaves, I highly recommend using the hem stitch. The hem stitch is an especially nice way to finish the tops of your weaves that allows them to hang with a clean line. If you use warp loops to hang your weaves, but have noticed that the top row creeps up the warp threads, then you’ll definitely want to try this technique.

I’ve used this finishing technique for both weaves I’ve cut off a loom and for weaves that I’ve hung using the warp loops. It’s also a nice way to finish a weave if you want to use the warp threads as your fringe.

Also, you can start your weave with a hem stitch, or you can add it later, as long as you your weave is still on the loom. Which I find nice to have such flexibility.

How to Hem Stitch a Weavestep 1|| weave two rows of plain weave.

step 2|| bring your yarn under and around at least 2 warp threads (you can wrap it around more warp threads if you want).

step 3|| bring your yarn through the loop that you just made and pull tight so that the warp threads are brought together.

step 4|| pull the yarn from your loop around the warp threads behind and then through the back of your weave next to the warp threads you just “tied”. I recommend bringing your thread through the top of at least 2 weft rows.

How to Hem Stitch a Weavestep 5|| now that you have pulled your weft from behind to the front of your weave, continue by wrapping the weft around the front of the next 2 warp threads and circle all the way around so that your thread ends on the front of the warp threads where you started, creating a loop.

step 6|| Repeat the pattern of bringing your yarn from the loop around the warp threads behind and then through the back of your weave next to the warp threads you just “tied”. Remember to keep a tight tension.

How to Hem Stitch a Weavestep 7|| to finish your hem stitch, loop around your last 2 warp threads (as you have been previously). This time pull your thread through the loop you just created and pull tight so that a simple knot is formed. Bring your thread to the back of your tapestry and tuck in your yarn end.

The hem stitch is complete! You can finish the top and the bottom of your weave using this technique or just one of the ends. Whatever works best for you.

Oh and a video if that helps:

Have you tried this technique before? I’d love to hear what you think about the hem stitch.

Happy Weaving!


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