Weaver Interviews

I love reading about other weavers and how they approach weaving!You know what’s been missing this year? Weaver interviews! I really love doing those interviews and hearing how others approach weaving. I’m working on getting some more interviews together and will hopefully have some soon.

Currently I’m finding a lot of inspiration from my interview with the talented Kat Howard. Her approach to weaving is so artistic with a goal of telling a story through woven visuals. Continue Reading

Creative Links

Creative Links #4

Fun fiber related DIYs and tutorialsI’m only posting once this week to take some time with my family and enjoy the summer! I’ll be returning next week with some fun posts!

If you’re looking for some fun things to do, I’m sharing some cute DIYs that I’ve found and really want to try making: Continue Reading

Just Some Thoughts

Pushing Yourself Creatively

Push your weaving creativityI’m going to start this post out with some questions, because I would love to have an open discussion on this topic. How do you push yourself creatively when weaving? Is there a new style you’re trying out or maybe you’re trying to master just one style? For me I’ve found that I like to try a lot of different things and learn from each, which also means I don’t have a cohesive style. Continue Reading

Weave Along Weaving Techniques

Weave Along || Part 9: Knotted Lace

How to knot your warp threads to create a lace pattern in your weave!In today’s weave along (previous weave along posts here), we are not so much weaving as tying our weft thread along the warp strings. This makes a really nice lacy pattern that I arched to give it more interest. After creating the arched row of knots, I added two more rows of knots that filled in the side gaps and staggered the knots so that the warp threads were separated differently between each row. Continue Reading