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Weave Along || Part 6: Exploring the Soumak Technique

Weave Along || Part 6: Exploring the Soumak TechniqueBuilding on our weave, I wanted to continue with adding solid lines (Find all the Weave Along posts here). I’m weaving with a really fine lace-weight wool, so when I do the plain weave, it doesn’t have much presence on the warp threads. I think this is good, because it adds to the lacy feel, but I wanted to make some “stitches” with more presence with this next step. I’m switching back to my natural colored cotton warp thread to weave my weft. The cotton has more weight to it then the wool, so it will show up better, but you can continue using whatever weft thread you have been using. Continue Reading

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How to Speed Up Your Weaving

How I weave quicker with tools and techniquesI love weaving (no surprise there), but weaving quicker helps me get my ideas out better. When a weave takes too long or is too frustrating, I start to lose my love for that project and my brain starts to day-dream about the next weave I’ll make. This is never good, because then I end up with an unfinished weave taking up space on my loom. Continue Reading

Weave Along Weaving Techniques

Weave Along || Part 5: Switching Between Colors

Weave Along || Part 5: Weaving Two ColorsThis week in our weave along, I wanted to add some solid lines to give the weave a little more weight. (Find all Weave Along Posts here). The key lesson in this post is how to weave multiple rows with two different colored weft threads. We’ll weave some rows with our white thread and then weaving in some rows with a peach thread (or whatever your second color is) and then weave that white thread back in. So you’ll be able to see how we can switch between different warp threads and keep it continuous without having to cut and tuck the ends in later. Continue Reading

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5 Weaving Techniques You May Have Missed

5 Weaving Techniques to Grow Your SkillsIf you’ve been reading the blog for a while you know I’ve covered a lot of different weaving techniques. Today I wanted to point out some of the techniques that are really great and could come in handy at some point in your weaving. Some techniques can help you add to your weaves when you think you’re stuck, and others are different ways to weave that can help you grow your skills. They might even give you an idea for a new weave. These are techniques that you may have missed: Continue Reading

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How to Start Weaving for Little Cost

How to Start Weaving on a BudgetMy goal for this blog is to share my knowledge about weaving. It’s an art form that I love so much and when I first wanted to try weaving there weren’t too many resources on it. So as I researched and tried new things I took the time to document what I was doing with step-by-step pictures and instructions. I’m always really excited when someone tells me they were able to learn to weave from my blog, it makes all the time and work I put into it worth it! Continue Reading

Weave Along Weaving Techniques

Weave Along || Part 2: Spanish Lace Weave

New to the Weave Along?  This is a set of posts that help you learn to weave step-by-step! Find all the Weave Along Steps here.

Weave Along || Part 2: Spanish Lace WeaveIf you missed the first post, find all the Weave Along Steps here. This week we’re going to add two rows of the Spanish Lace Weave. This weave makes a really delicate design with a lot of negative space.  I couldn’t resist adding a fancy font to the title picture because I felt like this weave was getting pretty fancy, haha (pinkies up). Continue Reading