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Reader Questions || Is it bad to have an uneven number of warp threads?

Answers to weaving questions

I’m embarrassed to say I’m behind on my emails, but please keep emailing me your questions because they are the best questions and would love if everyone who wanted to weave knew how to weave!

One of the emails I was trying to catch up on asked about a cardboard loom where the number of slits made it so that it could only be warped starting at the bottom and ending at the top. As you may have heard, I often talk about staring your warp thread on the bottom of the loom and ending the warp thread on the bottom of the loom. This is only necessary if you are planning on hanging your weave from warp thread loops. If you aren’t planning on hanging your weave in this way or you can’t end your warp thread on the bottom, then that’s no problem. There are a lot of different ways to hang a weave (I’ve posted about a lot of them here). Continue Reading

Weaving Techniques

Weaving Techniques || Binding Off a Weave

How to bind off your weaveA little bit ago, I received a question from a reader who had woven all the way down to the bottom of her loom. Her weave was finished and ready to take off the loom, but now she realized she didn’t have much warp thread left to finish the weave.

She asked if she had to un-weave the bottom to make the warp threads long enough for her to finish the weave. Luckily the answer was no! Because who wants to un-weave some of their work, unless they really have to. Continue Reading