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FibreShare Fun || A Little Update

FibreShare Exchange UpdateDo you remember the post about FibreShare from a couple of weeks ago? Well the latest share just ended and it was so fun participating, so I wanted to share a little update. This was the third FibreShare I’ve done. If you missed it, don’t worry they do a few a year (you can join their mailing list here for updates). I haven’t been able to participate in every share they have, but when I do join, it’s a lot of fun.

I like to do my best to give my share partner what I think they’ll like. It really helps to check out their Instagram feed (if they have one), but there is also a questionnaire that everyone fills out with their fiber likes. I always cross my fingers hoping my partner likes what I picked out, but I figure it’s for fun and getting fibers that you don’t normally use is a great way to challenge yourself and try something new. Continue Reading

Free Pattern

Free Weaving Pattern || Jubilance

Free Ornament Weaving PatternI love to add ornaments to presents that I give during the holidays because they really make a gift looked that much more interesting. Also it’s like a little bonus gift. An extra special touch is adding a handmade ornament.

Nothing say party to me more then a shag weave. And the bonus is you can use your yarn scraps in this weave.

Supplies List: Continue Reading

Weaver Interviews

Weaver Interview || Hello Tangle

Weaver Interview || Hello TangleToday’s weaver interview is extra special, because it’s with both of the ladies behind Hello Tangle. Bibi & Veronica are sisters that together create the most creative and interesting art I’ve seen. They have a really fun style and I’m very excited to share this interview with you. So let’s get to know them a little better…

How did you first come across weaving? Continue Reading

Weave Experiments

Weaving Experiments || Dyeing Yarn

Kool-aid Dip Dyeing YarnEarlier this week, I talked about using yarn that was tonal colored to help bring a bit of shading and interest to your weaves. Today, I’m finally trying out dying yarn with the goal of making my own tonal yarn. I’ve been wanting to give yarn dyeing a try for a while now and researched a lot of different techniques. For my first time, I’ve decided to stick with using Kool-aid and and vinegar because these are non-toxic and simple to get. Continue Reading

Weaver Interviews

Weaver Interview || pidge pidge

Weaver Interview || pidge pidgeIt’s time for another weaver interview!! Today’s interview is with the talentedVanessa Lauria of pidge pidge. I love Vanessa’s use of pattern and colors. She has really inspiring color palettes that drew me to her lovely handwoven scarfs. But not only does she makes scarfs, she also weaves wall hangings, necklaces, and more. Let’s get to know Vanessa a little better…

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Weaving Techniques

Weaving Techniques || Simple Shading

How to weave simple color shadingLately I’ve been obsessed with tonal yarns.  These yarns are dyed so that they follow one color, but cover different tones throughout the yarn.  The best part about using these yarns is they add shading and interest to your weaves and all you have to do is weave with them as you normally would.  That’s a win-win in my book! Continue Reading

Weaving Techniques

Weaving Techniques || Bushy Tassels

How to make some cute bushy tasselsI know, bushy tassels isn’t the best word, but how else would you describe these fluffy guys? Fluffy Guy Tassels? Haha, nope not better. If you brainstorm a better name let me know.

I love how these tassels turned out, they are really kind of wild. I attached mine on both ends of a braided string, but you can attach yours at the bottom of a weave or where ever inspires you. Continue Reading