Weaving Techniques

Fun Fringe & Other Finishings

Fun fringe & other weaving detailsI must admit that sometimes the finishing of a weave is the funnest part for me. I often will weave from top to bottom so that I can get an idea of the weave’s body before deciding on how to finish the weave. In the past when I’ve started with a certain fringe in mind I’ll finish the weave and then feel like the fringe doesn’t match well. So now I usually just weave top down and save the fringe for last. I’ve even made a weave where I ended up flipping it upside-down making what I had planned on the bottom into the top of the weave, because it just looked better. Continue Reading

Beginner Weaving Lessons

How to Warp a Loom

How to warp different lap loomsWhat kind of a loom do you have? I’m always curious about what others are weaving on especially if it’s a loom that I’ve never seen before. Of all the lap looms I have, I’ve found that there are two basic ways to warp a lap loom. The first is the “S” warping and the second is the “figure 8” warping. Continue Reading