Weaving Techniques

Weaving Techniques || Twinning Wool Roving

Steps on twisting and weaving wool roving to look like fluffy rope!I’ve covered the technique of twinning before. It’s the process of weaving and twisting two threads around your warp threads and it creates a twisted rope-like look that stands out from your warp threads.

This week I tried twinning with some wool roving and I really like how it looks. Roving can be hard to work with because it easily pulls apart and the more you mess with it the more it’s fibers will stick out and look messy. Continue Reading


Weaver Interviews

I love reading about other weavers and how they approach weaving!You know what’s been missing this year? Weaver interviews! I really love doing those interviews and hearing how others approach weaving. I’m working on getting some more interviews together and will hopefully have some soon.

Currently I’m finding a lot of inspiration from my interview with the talented Kat Howard. Her approach to weaving is so artistic with a goal of telling a story through woven visuals. Continue Reading