Weaver Interviews

Weaver Interview || Kelaoke

Weaver Interview || KelaokeI’m so excited to have an interview with Kelly Chapman of Kelaoke. I’ve been following Kelly on Instagram for a few years. I really love to see all the unique and new things she makes. Her style is so inspiring and she isn’t afraid to take risks with her art. Besides weaving and macrame-ing (excuse me making up words) the coolest things, she also makes gorgeous earrings and necklaces. They really are stunning! Ok enough of me gushing, let’s get to know Kelly better…

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Weaving Wishlist

Weaving Wishlist || Loome Tool

Weaving Wishlist || Loome toolWhen the ladies at Loome reached out to me and asked if I would like to try one of their Loome Tools, I of course said yes. This is a really cool tool that allows you to make a few different fiber accessories like pom poms, cords, friendship bracelets, and even small weaves! It’s really versatile. So far I’ve only made pom poms with it, but I’m really excited to try some other things with it. Continue Reading

Weaving Techniques

Weave Techniques || “Sew” Hanging a Weave

How to Today I’m sharing how to hang a weave that you’ve cut off the loom & tied the warp threads off. I like to think of this as “sewing” the weave to a dowel rod. I’m using this technique to hang the side-ways weave that I shared last week, but I’ve also used it many times to hang weaves that I have cut off the loom and tied the warp ends off.

The best part of hanging your weave in this way is you have a bit more freedom in designing how the weave is hung. For this weave I wanted it really tight to the dowel rod and hung so that the dowel rod looked wrapped. Here are the steps that I followed to hang my weave: Continue Reading

Weaving Wishlist

Weaving Wishlist || FibreShare Sign-ups

FibreShare, a really fun way to meet & share with others who love fiber!

I just joined for my third round of FibreShare and then I realized, I’m sure a lot of you have heard about it, but what about those who haven’t yet?  If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a really fun fiber exchange with others who love fibers.  I have met some really great people by participating in this and I really love to put together a special package (and of course receive a special package too!).  And they have different categories to sign up for like weaving, knitting, spinning, etc so that you can be paired up with someone else who loves to work with fibers in a similar way.  Beth, one of the hosts of FibreShare, was really nice to write up a much better explanation then I could ever do, so keep reading for more details…

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Weave Experiments

Weave Experiments || Trying New Fibers & A Side-ways Weave

How to make a sideways weaveAs promised, I’m sharing what I made with the fibers I bought from String Harvest. If you saw that post, you know that I got fibers that I don’t normally use. This was definitely a tricky weave, I had to try things, pull it apart, try something else (I’m looking at you paper raffia!), but in the end I like how it turned out. Oh and I purposely made this weave into a sideways weave, because some people have asked me about those.

I’m going to quickly explain a sideways weave, as you may know or guessed, they are weaves that are woven in the normal fashion (warp vertical and weft horizontal) but when finished they are turned onto their side (weft vertical and warp horizontal) and hung. The fun thing about sideways weaves is that you can experiment a lot with the fringe. You just need to determine which side you want your weave to hang from and then weave with the intention of your fringe being on the other side.

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Weaving Wishlist

Weaving Wishlist || String Harvest

Weaving Wishlist || String HarvestI’ve been following String Harvest on Instagram for over a year now and they always have the nicest and most unique yarns and fibers I’ve ever seen. So finally after months of “window shopping”, I finally placed an order. And of course I purchased some unique fibers that I’ve never tried before. There are more standard fibers available, but I thought I might as well get the hard to find stuff. Which I must admit has been really intimidating, to the point where I have had these fibers for possibly months now and only just made myself try them now (yikes). But wow they are beautiful.

So let me tell you about these fibers…

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