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Pushing Yourself Creatively

Push your weaving creativityI’m going to start this post out with some questions, because I would love to have an open discussion on this topic. How do you push yourself creatively when weaving? Is there a new style you’re trying out or maybe you’re trying to master just one style? For me I’ve found that I like to try a lot of different things and learn from each, which also means I don’t have a cohesive style. Continue Reading

Weave Along Weaving Techniques

Weave Along || Part 9: Knotted Lace

How to knot your warp threads to create a lace pattern in your weave!In today’s weave along (previous weave along posts here), we are not so much weaving as tying our weft thread along the warp strings. This makes a really nice lacy pattern that I arched to give it more interest. After creating the arched row of knots, I added two more rows of knots that filled in the side gaps and staggered the knots so that the warp threads were separated differently between each row. Continue Reading

Trouble Shooting

Fixing Woven Sides That are Pulling In

How to fix your weave sides that are pulling in.It’s funny, I just was talking about how to have straighter sides in your weaves, and then I wove for our weave along and noticed that the rows I put in are really pulling the weave’s sides in. Like I said it takes some attention to make sure your sides are straight when weaving, even when you’ve been weaving for a while. And when I was making the weave along post, I was more focused on setting up and getting a good picture of each step that I didn’t pay proper attention to my weave sides. Continue Reading

Weave Along Weaving Techniques

Weave Along || Part 7: Embroidering on a Weave

Weave Along || Part 7: Embroidering on a weaveHi friends! Today on our weave along, we’re going to embroider some shapes (find all the weave along posts here). Have you thought of embroidering on your weaves? Weaving sets up a really great base for embroidery, so I thought it would be fun to try it out on our weave along. I especially like how I can count the vertical and horizontal lines of my weave, much like cross-stitching. Continue Reading

Just Some Thoughts

How Do you Keep Your Weave’s Sides Straight?

How do you keep your weave's sides straight? Learn these 4 tips to follow!How do you keep your weave’s sides straight? How do I stop my weave sides from pulling in? I get these questions all the time and they are the question that everyone struggles with. This issue has to do with the amount of tension you’re weaving with & it is an issue for pretty much everyone who’s starting to weave. In fact, it also affects those who have been weaving for a while. I still have to stay conscious about my weaving tension and making sure that my sides aren’t pulling in. Luckily with time it gets easier to keep your weave sides straight. Continue Reading

Weave Along Weaving Techniques

Weave Along || Part 6: Exploring the Soumak Technique

Weave Along || Part 6: Exploring the Soumak TechniqueBuilding on our weave, I wanted to continue with adding solid lines (Find all the Weave Along posts here). I’m weaving with a really fine lace-weight wool, so when I do the plain weave, it doesn’t have much presence on the warp threads. I think this is good, because it adds to the lacy feel, but I wanted to make some “stitches” with more presence with this next step. I’m switching back to my natural colored cotton warp thread to weave my weft. The cotton has more weight to it then the wool, so it will show up better, but you can continue using whatever weft thread you have been using. Continue Reading